If long summers, heavenly beaches and low house prices aren’t enough reasons to buy in Turkey, read on for some more solid reasons and advice on buying property in turkey.

When Britons think of the Mediterranean, we think of Spain, Italy and the South of France. When we escape our icy island on a bank holiday break we tend to stick to these three very famous holiday destinations. And when we hit the foreign beaches we expect two things. A) to get a tan and B) to meet foreign beauties and Adonises. What we usually end up doing is finding ourselves seated next to other Britons and getting sun burnt. Yet, mini breaks to the Mediterranean remain fun and more importantly warm, but what if we could escape to a place with clearer beaches and lower prices? And that’s exactly what Turkey offers the tourist and investor.

Reason # 1 Location Location Location mm.hr

What are the main requirements of a good location? Views? Large houses? Friendly neighbors? Quiet streets? The Turkish Riveria has all of this at a fraction of the price for the same thing in Britain. The Turkish Riveria is also known as the Turquoise Coast because of the surreal, tropical-like waters that surround it. But the area offers more than just its coastline; if you’re interested in ancient history and enjoy walking through historic ruins then you can do no better than Turkey. The country straddles Europe and Asia and, as a result its history, is particularly interesting. Turkey’s strong European Christian and Asian Muslim influences put it in the same category as Spain and Morocco as far as color, vibrancy and architecture go.

Reason # 2 Nice prices right now

At the moment, prices in Turkey are less than in other Mediterranean countries and the need for new developments, owing to the recent earthquakes and the fact that many building aren’t compliant with the country’s property laws, opens up a large window of opportunity for British buyers and developers. The supply is, at present, already below the demand, so house prices can only improve in coming years.

Reason # 3 It’s easy

There exists a reciprocity agreement between the UK and Turkey for real estate, so Britons are fully entitled by law to buy in Turkey with minimum hassle. Businesses are also able to buy land in Turkey, provided they comply with zoning laws. Turkey is just a few hours on plane from London, but, when you visit Turkey you enter an entirely new world that does not exist under European laws. It’s is also well situated for travel to other magnificent countries, such as Greece, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Aside from the glorious natural beauty and deep history, Turkey offers plenty in the way of entertainment, particularly if you enjoy food and inexpensive shopping. Walk around the markets and enjoy real Turkish delight made in large chunks with nuts and nougat and look at some beautiful good-quality clothes that you can only buy in Turkey at such reasonable prices.

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