Some say that the name Molly Pitcher has become a generic name that is given to any woman who has helped the soldiers fight the British army during the American Revolutionary War. The stories about Molly Pitcher are just too many and varied to have come from a single location and to have been done by one woman alone. Because of this, the name Molly Pitcher is sometimes recognized as another character in America’s rich realm of folklore. heroin for sale

There are, however, actual historical women who fit the description given to Molly Pitcher. Although there is a chance that they’re not the Molly Pitcher alluded to completely by the different stories in existence today, it can be said that their deeds are enough to consider them heroines of the American Revolutionary War.

These stories are largely attributed to Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley. Mary was a wife of an American soldier, William Hays. When William was ordered to go to New Jersey, Mary decided to come with her husband. Molly was Mary’s nickname as it was the usual nicknames given to women named Mary. During the battle in New Jersey, now known as the Battle of Monmouth, Mary tended to the soldiers while the war was ongoing. She would give them water to drink as the heat was so terrible that a lot of the soldiers fell from heat stroke. Some stories say that the soldiers would see her and shout “Molly, pitcher,” to signify that they want water to drink. Mary would then approach them and give them water. When Mary’s husband fell down, Molly took over his husband’s task of swabbing or cleaning the cannons before they’re fired.

It is said that because of her participation in defending the USA flag, General George Washington made her a non-commissioned officer of the USA. From then on, her nickname changed to Sergeant Molly.

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