In Indonesia, for financing purposes or different exchanges it is enthusiastically prescribed to get the exchanges by joining security arrangements or records as embellishment freedoms upon the primary understanding. Https://

There are three broadly use types of safety in Indonesia, which are:

Hak Tanggungan (Indonesian Security Right upon Land or home loan);

Trustee security; and


A. Hak Tanggungan (Mortgage)

By excellence of Law No. 4 of 1996 on Hak Tanggungan (Mortgage), a security interest known as a genuine property home loan might be burdened on a land title with or without different installations framing an entirety with the land for security of a specific advance, which offers need to a specific lender over different banks (favored leaser). The Hak Tanggungan will give right to the loan boss to sell the land by means of public sale without a court request allowing it to do as such (on the account holder’s default, the lender might execute the got property without conforming to the common procedural law and techniques of seizure), as the authentication of Hak Tanggungan fills in as a court request. In contrast to different home loans, which likewise incorporate a vow where a bank can involve the property burdened with the applicable home loan, the Hak Tanggungan just furnishes the lender with an in jure right which implies that there is no quick inhabitance right appended to the home loan

The land title which can be put under Hak Tanggungan are (1) Hak Milik (right of proprietorship); (2) Hak Guna Usaha (right to take advantage of); (3) Hak Guna Bangunan (right to fabricate); (4) Hak Pakai (right of utilization) and (5) Hak Milik atas Satuan Rumah Susun (Strata Title). Hak Tanggungan can likewise be connected to the land remembering the structures and apparatuses for that land. Proof of land title is a declaration given by Badan Pertanahan Nasional/BPN (Indonesian National Land Authority).


The method of Hak Tanggungan are:

1. The marking of Deed giving the Hak Tanggungan (Akta Pemberian Hak Tanggungan or “APHT” or home loan deed) before the Land Deed Official (Pejabat Pembuat Akta Tanah or “PPAT”) with ward over the land to be sold. This deed should be in Indonesian, in the recommended PPAT structure and the APHT should plainly distinguish the plot or plots of land being utilized as security and the aggregate sum of the credit/cash being gotten. Any structures, plant or others installations joined to the land looked to be shrouded in the Hak Tanggungan should likewise be explicitly portrayed in the APHT; and

2. The Registration of APHT at pertinent BPN (Indonesian National Land Authority).

The BPN then, at that point, issue the Hak Tanggungan land book and note the date of enrollment. At this stage, the Hak Tanggungan will be powerful and give the bank the situation with a favored leaser. The BPN will record the Hak Tanggungan in the first land book and the first land title endorsement.

B. Guardian Security

Guardian security represented by ethicalness of Law No. 42 of 1999 on Fiduciary Security (“Fiduciary Law”).

Trustee security is a type of safety directly over moveable property either substantial or theoretical additionally over immoveable property that can’t be joined to a Hak Tanggungan (contract), in which the guardian grantor actually can utilize the property moved that is being utilized as a Security and it gives the trustee grantee a need directly over different banks (Preferred Creditor).

Receivable is additionally one of the elusive resources that might be gotten by trustee security (Article 19 of the Fiduciary Law).

The special cases on Fiduciary Security incorporates:

a. Land, structures and everything appurtenance thereto (counting apparatus fastened thereto), which are dependent upon the Hak Tanggungan;

b. Hypothec on enlisted vessels with a gross weight 20 cubic meters or more;

c. Hypothec on airplane; and

d. Promises.

A guardian security is an accessoir understanding of an underlying arrangement and should be made with a Notarial Deed in Indonesian and explicitly express that it is a Fiduciary Security Deed.

The property that is the subject of the guardian security should be enlisted at the Fiduciary Registry Office. The guardian grantee themselves, or their lawyer, or intermediary can finish the application for enlistment. The Registry Office will then, at that point, note the trustee security in the Fiduciary Register Book, then, at that point, issue a Fiduciary Security Certificate to the guardian grantee and date the declaration on the day it got the application.

C. Vow

A vow in Indonesia is just for substantial mobile properties (like apparatuses, hardware, vehicles) and immaterial portable property, (for example, ledgers, shares, bonds, receivables, protected innovation freedoms) which are managed in Articles 1150 – 1160 of Indonesian Civil Code (“ICC”).

A promise is likewise an accessoir understanding of an underlying arrangement (as additionally different sorts of Security), it is standard practice in Indonesia that a vow is given in a deed of vow (in valid instrument/authenticated or in private instrument/without authorization) presenting the points of interest of the vow. There is no enlistment or warning to Indonesian Governmental Institution for Pledge to have lawful force and impact.

For security over Shares, it is standard practice in Indonesia to likewise incorporate Power of Attorney to Vote Shares (“POA to Vote”) and a Power of Attorney to Sell Shares (“POA to Sell”) notwithstanding the Shares Pledge. Under Indonesian law, a Shares Pledge does exclude casting a ballot rights as the democratic privileges are not doled out through a vow.

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