4. Make friends with technology.

If you aren t so big on technology and have often wondered what all the fuss is about, now s the time to start making friendly overtures to the cyber world. Online education and technology go hand in hand, and unless you are completely at ease using your computer and the Internet, you are unlikely to get anywhere with your distance learning program.

Whether you want to ask some questions, get clarifications, complete your assignments, have your work reviewed, or just interact with your peers and professors, you will have to use technological tools to do it. So, extend a warm hand of friendship to technology and don t be shy of using it!

5. Have fun.

Once you have started school and established a routine for yourself, relax and enjoy yourself. What you do with the time you are saving by attending online classes will determine how positive your experience is, in the end. Spend more quality time with your family, go out more frequently with friends, do all the reading that you wanted to but never had time for, learn something new at work—just remember to have fun.

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