A lot of schools have very generous trust funds. They are set up specifically to provide scholarships and grants. Harvard is so cash rich it bases its tuition as much on need as merit. The best thing to do in this situation is to consult your university and just plain ask. You’d be surprised how quickly they’ll point you to the money. After all, they don’t get paid from the student tuition, not the grant that enabled the tuition.

There are a number of companies out there who have also set up their own trust funds. They figure taking the financial burden off a higher education is a good way to recruit a higher quality work force. A good place to start sourcing these grants is Scholarship America. It’s best known for two particular programs, Dollars for Scholars and the Scholarship Management Services. You’d also be surprised who coughs up the money. For instance, Disney finances the California Institute of the Arts, which in turn has become a great source for their animators.

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