No Fap

Okay, enough messing around… it’s time for the serious stuff.If you are really dedicated to self-improvement, to becoming the best version of yourself and to living an empowered life… then I highly recommend that you try no fap.For those that have been living in a cave, no fap is a movement that encourages abstaining from masturbation. The idea is to avoid porn and only to orgasm when you’re with a partner. Why? Because according to the advocates of this practice, it can transform your life. It will make you more productive, more confident, more social and more likely to succeed.

How? By rewiring your brain. The body has evolved in order to reward the behaviors it wants to encourage. The greatest reward comes from sex, because sex ensures the survival of our DNA. But unfortunately, the body can’t differentiate between sex and masturbation on a chemical level. As such, it rewards masturbation just as much as it rewards sex.Hence a huge rush of dopamine (the reward/motivation neurotransmitter) which floods the brain every time you pleasure yourself. This reinforces the behavior and makes you want to do it again, and again, and again.

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