Save money at school by taking advantage of extended payment plans, taking extra courses, or finding a study partner. Earn while you learn, and purchase pre-owned. Following these simple tips may be the smartest thing you do at school. There have been entire books written on how to save money in college, for the list of tips and tricks is endless. Topics range from housing to entertainment, from food to transportation, and more. But speaking strictly of school, there are a couple of key ways you keep some money in your pocket.

Attend now, pay later. Whether you attend a small technical school or a giant state university, classes can be expensive. Itandrsquo;s possible you might not have the resources upfront to pay for your courses, or you need to wait until your student loan or scholarship comes in. This is quite common and many schools will offer extended payment plans. Make sure to research if this is an option. Even if you have all the money upfront, this may be a good choice for you to have extra cash for other expenses. Just make sure you plan wisely so that you still have money by the time the next payment rolls around. Extra, extra. Another way to save is to take additional courses beyond what is considered andquot;full-time.andquot; Many school offer anything taken over the maximum at a discounted price.

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