Any individual can delete their search history on their internet browser and it is a pretty simple process. Your internet, web and browser search history has long had the option to be deleted regardless of your liking of browser, from Internet Explorer to Firefox among others. The trick is if you know what to do.

Numerous programs out there claim to be able to forever erase your search history by writing over your files, which is the only way to actually “delete” them from your computer. Built in functions will make it achievable for a lot of users that don’t know how to erase history or get access to history to do just that.

Internet explorer is the most common browser used to surf the web. Users can “delete files” by using the menu at the top of the screen and clicking Tools/Options/Internet Options/General and clicking the button, aptly named “Delete Files” then OK.

The last step is clicking “Yes” after clicking “Clear History”.

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