Are you worried about preserving your familyandrsquo;s memories? If youandrsquo;ve taken 8mm videos of your family, documenting special occasions, then you most likely want these precious moments to live forever. There are special moments in life, like your childandrsquo;s first birthday, your wedding reception, your bridal shower, or your 50th anniversary that should never be forgotten. 8mm was once the industry standard for home movies. It was relatively affordable, and user friendly, making it easier for every member of the family, including Grandma, to use it. But there is a negative side to the 8mm medium. 8mm was not meant to last forever. Every time you watch a film on 8mm, the film loses a little bit of quality. Over time, the film slowly erodes, so that eventually it becomes useless, erasing your precious memories permanently.

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