Professional teeth whitening has become a hugely popular service for salons and spas all across the nation. Everybody wants a whiter smile; for a job interview, wedding, or big party. Adding teeth whitening to your list of services can bring high profits and buzz to your business. When selecting a teeth whitening system, it’s important to pick the right teeth whitening partner. One that will deliver superior results safely and effectively with premium products and marketing that complement your spa or salon’s image.

So how do you select the right premium teeth whitening partner? This article will explain the 10 critical items to consider when choosing a professional teeth whitening and their system.

1. Choose the Most Effective System Available
Choose a vendor that uses only the best products from the best suppliers. Not taking shortcuts may cost a little more to use superior products bu you and your customers will see the difference!

2. Hydrogen Peroxide vs. Carbamide
Clinical Research proves that Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) whitens faster and more deeply than Carbamide Peroxide (CP). That is why dentists use HP in their chairside whitening. HP breaks down into the oxidizing components within 3 minutes of exposure to light and heat while CP, which contains urea, takes at least 10 minutes more due to the extra step it must go through to break down into oxidizing chemicals. CP is more stable than HP and makes a perfect gel for whitening pens and strips that are left on overnight or several hours.

3. Highest Quality Whitening Gels
Choose a vendor who has their gels made fresh monthly in the USA by an FDA certified lab operating under CGMP guidelines. Vendors’ foam strips and gels manufactured outside the country may be compromised from heat and light exposure during transport and their purity cannot be confirmed. High quality chemicals are critical for safely achieving significantly whiter teeth! Be careful of companies that gloss over their whitening system and emphasize their accelerator light or the business opportu¬nity. Also beware of companies that misrepresent or do not understand the chemical ingredients in their product.

4. Syringe vs. Foam Strips or Ampoules
The syringe is the most accurate method to an ensure even and targeted application of gel to all teeth – both top and bottom. Foam strips and ampoules block the light and prevent it from penetrat¬ing to the teeth. Impression mouth trays also block the light and prevent the light from accelerating the whitening materials. Dentists do not use these gimmicky systems!

5. Most Powerful Whitening Accelerator Light
When choosing a light look for robustness and power output. The number of light diodes has no impact on the effectiveness of the light but the total power output does. Choose a light with a high intensity blue power output and a long LED life expectancy. Look fo a light with 85%* more blue power output than other lights.* (1200 mW/cm2 Blue LED light intensity) and LED life expectancy is 100,000 hours with free lifetime tech support.

6. Most Complete Kit
It’s important to select a vendor with the most complete kit that includes everything you need to whiten. Another important consideration is to choose a kit with enough gel for multiple whitening sessions allowing you to generate more profit per customer. Some systems such as foam strips or pre-filled trays can only be used once and require you to purchase more kits or foam for extended treatments.

7. Technical Industry and Product Knowledge
Your whitening partner must have the industry and technical product knowledge to stay on top of the latest trends and ensure the products you buy are safe and effective. Your teeth whitening vendor should subscribe to clinical research and make this available to their partners. The teeth whitening vendor you choose should constantly talk with their cosmetic business partners, dental suppliers and dentists to gather information on how to market, promote and perform teeth whitening so that they can share these best practices with their customers.

8. Premium Packaging and Marketing Material
Premium packaging and sales materials are important as they are a reflection on your spa or salon. Exceptional marketing materials and packaging is an important aspect of the overall product offering. A great vendor should have everything you need to promote your new service – banners, promo cards, brochures, flyers, promo giveaways.

9. Full Range of Retail Products
A full range of retail products extends the whitening experience for your customers and generate revenue for you. Retail products such as whitening pens (filled in the USA), breath spray and remineralization kits are important items to carry.

10. Superior Marketing Support
Once you have teeth whitening you will need to promote the new service to ensure everyone knows about it! Select a vendor with deep experience in traditional, online and social networking with the creativity to get your new service noticed and generate those profits and bright smiles.

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Kelly Lanspa is the founder of XpresSmile a leading professional teeth whitening company for the beauty and health industries. Working with an extensive group of beauty and healthcare professionals, she created a premium system for teeth whitening that deliver fantastic business and beauty results for salons, med spas, health professional and entrepreneurs that wish to represent the very finest products.

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