Lyoness Company started in 2003 in Austria by Hubert Friedl. Founded in 2003, Lyoness offers its members money back with every purchase. By shopping through their loyalty program, the goal is to help both shoppers and merchants. What started out in four countries has since evolved into an international company which creates a unique Win-Win situation for everyone involved. Lyoness is currently active in 46 markets on all continents. More than 4 million members use the Lyoness Benefits at more than 40,000 Loyalty Merchants worldwide.

This Lyoness review will answer t he hard questions about the worldwide cash back company!

“Money back with every purchase” is the Lyoness slogan for the international cross-sector Shopping Community and for the Loyalty Program for regional, national and international traders.

Lyoness is free to join. No Sign-Up, Monthly or Annual Fees. Free Lifetime Membership. You have 4 different ways to use get cash back with Lyoness.

1. Cash back card: Shop with the Cash back card with a Lyoness merchant and get a rebate percentage from Lyoness merchants as high as 20%. Use it right inside the store and get up to 2% cash back deposited into your bank account the remainder of the percentage is credited into your Loyalty Account. (More on that later).

2. Loyalty Merchant Gift Card: Shop with original gift cards from Lyoness loyalty merchants.

3. Online shopping: Shop conveniently online anytime you like.

4. Mobile Cash back: Shop the smart and easy way with a Smartphone.

Lyoness is focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises in the area and is continually expanding and strengthening its network. As a result, traditional companies receive support and the members are provided with a versatile mix of business sectors in their local area.

Cash back Card: One loyalty card for all business sectors

Shopping has never been so easy: The Lyoness Cash back Card works just like a classic loyalty card but, unlike other popular loyalty cards – with this card the Members receive money back directly in their bank account. With every purchase they make, money accumulates in the Member’s personal Cash Account. As soon as $10.00 has accumulated, Lyoness transfers the money to the Member’s personal bank account.

Shop, receive money back and do something good

The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation was founded in 2008 as an independent charitable organization, which supports national and international aid projects under the slogan “Education. Opportunities. Future”. The Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation (GFF) was established in 2011 as a non-profit foundation. It is a politically independent, charitable organization that advocates sustainable environmental protection, realizes innovative climate protection projects worldwide, and promotes the use of renewable energy. With every purchase they make Lyoness Members support the projects of both Lyoness Foundations.

The businesses who present the free card to their patron and ask them to become members and to shop loyal to the Lyoness Merchants create a win, win, win for the community.

So what does it mean for the community? Every time a member who got a Free Card from a Lyoness Merchant or Member shops anywhere in the globe or on-line a small part of the money comes back to our community in the form of loyalty cash back and member benefits to the member who gave the person the card.

With every purchase the member will receive credit up to 2% of the purchase value on his/her Cash Account, thus saving a continually increasing amount in his personal Cash Account. From a certain amount, it will be paid to the private bank account of the member, without any deductions.

Cash back directly to the Lyoness MasterCard®

Lyoness is already working on the next generation of Cash back Cards, which will revolutionize the experiences of its shopping community from November 2014. Very soon, all Lyoness Members will be able to shop and make payments worldwide with the new Lyoness MasterCard® with prepaid credit card functionality. This will open up a new world of opportunities for Lyoness Members to have an easy and unforgettable shopping experience.

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