This year with the help of Cricut cartridge, begin a new holiday tradition by gathering your keepsakes for a nostalgic family scrapbook. Provo Craft Cricut cartridges lend a hand in helping you create designer style scrapbook pages.

The scrapbook craze swept America from the Civil War to the 1880s fueled by the colorful images and folds up scenes of holiday collectibles that recipients wished to keep and display. The scrapbooks served as treasured reminders as the years pass.

Beautiful illustrated postcards from the 19th century were tucked away in scrapbooks for safekeeping. Historians trace holiday greeting cards to 18th century schoolboys who composed intricate letters to their parents to show their progress made in penmanship.

In the olden days, scrapbookers painstakingly pasted the beautifully decorated cards and calendars into albums using a solution made of water and flour. Antique cards continue to appeal today. An array of early 1900s printed postcards illustrates memories brought to life and preserved in history.

Nowadays, with Cricut cartridge titles such as Calligraphy Collection and Jasmine cartridges, you can give that old world style feel to your current art projects. Include journaling and newspaper clippings for a personal touch.

Seven Easy Steps to Completing the Perfect Scrapbook Page:

Select a theme.
Co-ordinate papers.
Crop photos.
Mat photos.
Page layout.
Create title and journal.
Add memorabilia and embellishments.
* Die cut letters create a quick title or heading for any layout.

* Images can be aged or softened with chalks or highlighted with gel pens.

* A shadow effect can be simply created by cutting out the same letter in two different colors.

* The shapes can then be overlapped, allowing the bottom color to show through.

* Use leftover scraps for cutting out letters to minimize waste.

For completing a special scrapbook, select a group of photographs or a single large photo for the front cover. Due to the vast Cricut cartridge library, the beginner scrapbooker may be easily overwhelmed.

The good news is that modern scrapbooking is a communal past time. Finding inspiration from other scrappers and advice on which Cricut cartridges will work best for you is a simple click away.

Opposites Attract, Storybook, and Wild Card cartridge are just a few of the great selections available to aid you on your journey for remembrance of holidays past.


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